[techtalk] html editors

Mari Wang mariw at tartarus.uwa.edu.au
Wed Mar 22 16:05:44 EST 2000

> I just checked the settings of this confounded outlook express and it
> is set to plain text so I dont know how it is being sent in html. 

Use emacs for email?

Anyway, it seems outlook is happily sending plain text now :)

> BUT Let's face it....Notepad does not always cut the mustard...

Umm - use emacs for HTML editing? ;-) I don't suppose any editor is
better than any other in such respects, though... 

> So I take it that you have no suggestions of a similar HTML editor for
> linux like Hotdog ??? 

No, sorry... Writing HTML from scratch using emacs has filled all my
needs so far :-)

Mari :)


Mari Wang

mariw at tartarus.uwa.edu.au

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