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Fri Mar 3 00:05:41 EST 2000

Sriram-HO wrote:
> Jenn
> I have a project to complete. In the site we have implemented Checkpoint
> Firewall 1 ver 4.1 on a NT box. On the other NT box we have Trend Enterprise
> CVP server. Now the site runs IIS on the NT which also runs Check point.
> They have a Linux box there which runs squid for corporate and dept. access.
> Though people use checkpoint box as their gateway, for clients only Linux
> exists and this forwards all the requests to checkpoint. I should be in a
> position to put some kind of product such as websense. Once I have something
> like websense for Linux, I can map this websense like product which runs on
> Linux from the Checkpoint box for any outbound connection and do the
> filtering at that point.

Hm. Gotcha.

I know my husband's company filters using Squid and code they've written
themselves, I'm not sure whether Squid has filtering capacity on it's own,

I *know* it can be coded on. I just don't know if it does it. 

Having not heard of checkpoint, and seeing that you specifically need to 
use /it/.. I guess I can't be much more help. :(

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