[techtalk] printer probs with 2.2.13 and lpd

Dakota Surmonde surmonde at freeshell.org
Sat Jan 29 16:37:39 EST 2000

On Sat, 29 Jan 2000, Nils Philippsen wrote:

> What's this? I guess it's some kind of automatic converter for the various
> formats into postscript/ascii.

It's a print, erm, non-spooler -- like lpd, but instead of queueing, it
just sends directly to the printer. BTW, it's working (nearly) pefectly
now :) -- it prints postscript and ascii files to the printer, and filters
for other formats can be set up (I haven't found a reason to, yet, though
:) )
um..some guy at UIUC does it, and it's mentioned in the printing HOWTO, I
forget the url, though.

> This may have to do with the stairs. Unless you fix this, the printer
> assumes a steadily growing horizontal position. Some printers reset this
> on a new page, yours obviously not. Try to fix the stair-stepping and you
> should be set.

HPs (at least desk jet 500 and 500Cs, foure) don't do this...it was a
weird parallel port thingie (dangers of booting between four different
kernels) (which I pretty much new, but it's mostly because I worked with
an HP 500C under DOS for years, and then I"ve had this one for nearly a
year and I've gotten plenty of chances to have to troubleshoot things ;) )

> Doesn't surprise me, Windows sends (CR+LF) at the end of a line.

that wasn't the whole problem, though -- lpd *still* doesn't work, even
though pdq works fine, once I turned off parallel port polling (but left 
PNP on), except that netscape won't print (only problem that I've found so
far) even though I told it to use pdq instead of lpr. <shrug> I have a
workaround for that, at least :)



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