[techtalk] printer probs with 2.2.13 and lpd

Nils Philippsen nils at wombat.dialup.fht-esslingen.de
Wed Jan 26 19:30:01 EST 2000

On Tue, 25 Jan 2000, Dakota Surmonde wrote:

> Yup. I live :)

Fine :-)

> So, I upgraded my kernel from 2.0.36 to 2.2.13 (yeah yeah, and this was a
> few months ago..can we say the cobbler's children go without shoes? <g> )
> and the printer quit working. It worked fine previously. In part, this was
> because the parallel port moved from lp1 to lp0 (why, I dunno), but I
> fixed that, and I can print ascii directly to the port, but I cannot talk
> lpd into talking to the printer. lpd will spool jobs, but will not send
> them onto the printer -- the /var/spool/lpd/lp/status file says :
> waiting for lp to become ready (offline ?)

What does `lsmod | grep parport` give?

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