[techtalk] Introduction, and Question

Jennifer jennifer at charger.newhaven.edu
Tue Jan 25 23:47:35 EST 2000

> I've seen HP units, Compaq units, but those have been generally for HP 
> Netservers or..well, Compaq I just can't swallow (bad experiences).

I heard today that Compaq was going to be putting FreeBSD on their
machines.. So soon you can actually purchase a Compaq box loaded with
FreeBSD n stuff. So they can't be all bad, now...?

By the way, hi. I'm a newbie. I just joined today. But I thought I'd put
my two cents in. Forgive me if what I say makes no sense... geektalk is
its own dialect of English that I've not mastered yet.

Glad to hear the linuxgirlystuff, though...

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