[techtalk] imapd behavior question

Linda Walsh law at sgi.com
Thu Jan 20 15:08:39 EST 2000

I'm slowly in the process of moving all of my server functions from 
IRIX to Linux.  I've been running imapd on IRIX for years -- it's 
pretty good about handling multiple clients -- if a new request
comes in, it closes the previous request -- so I only ever saw
1 imapd.

I've switched to a Linux server and now different copies of imapd
are being launched for each connection with annoying results -- 
like different imap's updating the same file and changes to the
file are being lost.  The worst that's happened so far is that messages
I've marked read come back as unread.

Anyway, services and inetd.conf are identical for imap on the two
OS's.  The imap versions on both are IMAP4rev1, but the IRIX server
was running v10.214 and the Linux is running a newer version: v12.250.

I'd hardly think they would *add* this as a feature and I don't
find any mention of it in the Documentation.  There seem to be no
flags I could pass to select one behavior or the other.

Anyone else run into this or do I just need to load the source
and hack at it...(ick)


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