[techtalk] imapd behavior question

Linda Walsh law at sgi.com
Fri Jan 21 08:27:28 EST 2000

It turns out, it is a known bug in the imapd-4.5 distribution.
The latest dist (4.7) fixes the problem.  I figure I might as
well post my findings here in case anyone else runs into this --
4.5 is what comes with SuSE6.3.  Bleh.

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> I'm slowly in the process of moving all of my server functions from 
> IRIX to Linux.  I've been running imapd on IRIX for years -- it's 
> pretty good about handling multiple clients -- if a new request
> comes in, it closes the previous request -- so I only ever saw
> 1 imapd.
> I've switched to a Linux server and now different copies of imapd
> are being launched for each connection with annoying results -- 
> like different imap's updating the same file and changes to the
> file are being lost.  The worst that's happened so far is that messages
> I've marked read come back as unread.
> Anyway, services and inetd.conf are identical for imap on the two
> OS's.  The imap versions on both are IMAP4rev1, but the IRIX server
> was running v10.214 and the Linux is running a newer version: v12.250.
> I'd hardly think they would *add* this as a feature and I don't
> find any mention of it in the Documentation.  There seem to be no
> flags I could pass to select one behavior or the other.
> Anyone else run into this or do I just need to load the source
> and hack at it...(ick)
> thanks,
> -linda
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