[techtalk] A bit o' tech advice..

Conrad Golightly acow at home.com
Mon Jan 10 23:24:06 EST 2000

I have searched far and wide for some free helpdesky type applications, and
it seems that there are quite a few. However, it appears that most of the
helpdesk packages don't really fit our company's needs.

What I am *trying* to do is build a complete helpdesk package at work.

I would like to plop down an icon on the user's desktop to let them enter
helpdesk calls via a web browser. I would like for these calls to be entered
into a database, and any of the technicians can open the call and assign
himself or another tech to the call. I would like to leave email out of this
entire solution. When the call is closed, to let the tech who handled the
call enter in extended information, which would then be saved into a
different database, giving us an internal 'knowledgebase' of sorts. Our
helpdesk spends an obscene amount of time documenting calls at the moment.
At present, people email the 'helpdesk' user, and the email goes to four or
five people. Then the call plays musical chairs as it is passed from the
official helpdesk guy around and around till finally the problem is resolved
and the call is closed. This is ludicrous. Commercial helpdesk packages
either are overkill, or, more usually, require very expensive licensing, or
both. Any advice? :P :P :P

Conrad Golightly

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