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In addition to selling software, RightNow offers a help desk hosting service
based on Linux.  It's definitely not overkill, but it does cost money (not a
lot if memory serves).  Of course, when I was dealing with them they were a
tiny company.  They're bigger now, so I don't know ... www.rightnowtech.com.
Probably better to call them at 877-363-5678.

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> I have searched far and wide for some free helpdesky type applications,
> it seems that there are quite a few. However, it appears that most of the
> helpdesk packages don't really fit our company's needs.
> What I am *trying* to do is build a complete helpdesk package at work.
> I would like to plop down an icon on the user's desktop to let them enter
> helpdesk calls via a web browser. I would like for these calls to be
> into a database, and any of the technicians can open the call and assign
> himself or another tech to the call. I would like to leave email out of
> entire solution. When the call is closed, to let the tech who handled the
> call enter in extended information, which would then be saved into a
> different database, giving us an internal 'knowledgebase' of sorts. Our
> helpdesk spends an obscene amount of time documenting calls at the moment.
> At present, people email the 'helpdesk' user, and the email goes to four
> five people. Then the call plays musical chairs as it is passed from the
> official helpdesk guy around and around till finally the problem is
> and the call is closed. This is ludicrous. Commercial helpdesk packages
> either are overkill, or, more usually, require very expensive licensing,
> both. Any advice? :P :P :P
> Thanks,
> Conrad Golightly
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