[techtalk] Slashdot "Beanie" Awards.

Deb Richardson deb at linuxcare.com
Mon Jan 10 23:06:56 EST 2000

Hi folks.

Given all the talk we've had at LinuxChix in the past about how women in
the Linux and Open Source community tend to be overlooked, here's your
chance to try to change that...

Slashdot and Andover.Net are sponsoring the 2000 Beanie Awards, which
are going to distribute a bunch of money to worthy recipients from the
Open Source community.  Catagories include:

Most Improved Open Source Project
Most Improved Kernel Module
Best Newbie Helper
Most Deserving Open Source Charity
Best Open Source Advocate
Unsung Hero
Best Unix Eyecandy
Best Open Source Text Editor
Best Apache Module
Best Designed Interface in a Graphical App
Best Desktop Theme
Best Perl Module
Best Unix Earcandy
Best Open Source-related Book
Best "Deserving of a $2000 Award"
Best Designed Interface in a non-GUI App

and a couple of others.

So...if you know of women who have contributed significantly and deserve
to be recognized in some way, wander over to Slashdot and make your
nominations.  Nominations close on Jan 16th or 17th.

Here's the relevant URL


- deb

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