[techtalk] Other OSes on a Linux box

K Kirby ladywhisper at mailpuppy.com
Wed Jan 5 07:40:11 EST 2000

> > > You may have driver problems.  Win9X and NT are both intended to be installed only by OEMs -- and as such, they do a poor job of properly configuring vendor-specific hardware.  If you have any nongeneric"
hardware expect problems.
> Yikes!  OK, I hate to defend Microsoft at any time, but this is just blatantly wrong.  Both are sold retail, and both are relatively easy to install if you know what you are doing and have the right drivers up
> front.
> NT wants to be in control, and will rewrite your master boot record.  The best way to do what you are proposing is to install Linux first, format a suitably sized primary partition to old-fashioned DOS FAT format.
> Install NT there and convert to NTFS.  You can use something like System Commander (if you have DOS/Win9x as well) or the Boot Manager from Partition Magic to choose your OS at boot time.  Both of these products
> play nicely with both Linux and NT.
> Unless VA or Penguin are using some really proprietary or odd parts, my conclusion is exactly the opposite of Kelly's:  you shouldn't have too much of a problem doing this.  I've had a system with Solaris x86, BSDI, OS/2, NT, and Linux on it, and it all worked.
> Regards,
> Caity

If I may... My name is Kelly , too.. but, some friends just call me Mom/Mum. My daughter ( I think she is lurking here) has/had win 98, NT4, win2000, Linux all running using system commander and they worked pretty good. The little stinker even taught me how to access files from Linux to winni.. and to work on my files etc.. while I'm on the beastie.. she just telnets in. It works pretty good as long as she doesn't get silly and try to reboot me.. <g>


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