[techtalk] servers: Dell vs Compaq [was:Other OSes on a Linux box]

J B griffin2020 at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 4 22:19:46 EST 2000

>We stopped buying Dell servers because their hard drives pop out >randomly
Have never heard of anything like this.  We have two Dell servers...4300 
Poweredge, and they are pretty good machines...got another 128 MB PC100 to 
put in them, but Dell sold us buffered RAM, and the boards do not support 

>but Dell isn't particularly helpful.  I think they could learn a >thing or 
>two about QA.
True...I have found a couple of Techs at Dell that were really good.  Always 
try to get their names and extensions so that I can call the back, otherwise 
it is luck of the draw....

>Compaq isn't without issues, but at least we can count on the drives 
> >staying put, the servers taking up a lot less space, and better >support 
Compaq does build an awesome server.  I do believe they are the hardest in 
the industry to install, though, because of the Easy Install stuff, and the 
diagnostic partition.  But, once they are installed, they run sweetly....

>I would like to find something better, or at least
>cheaper, though, which is why I'm asking about rackmount options.  >VA's 
>products look good, and are less expensive, but I'd be >concerned about 
>running NT on them, so I was hoping someone may have >had some experience 
>installing non-Linux on a VA box.
Personally, I am a fan of clones....spec out and build a box...you know 
exactly what you are getting, and you do not have to deal with proprietary 
motherboards, off the wall parts, etc....

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