[techtalk] Can I change my mind now??

Caitlyn Martin caitlyn at netferrets.net
Mon Feb 28 17:43:57 EST 2000

Hi, Storm,

Edit your /etc/inittab file.  Somewhere in there (I don't have Mandrake or I'd
be more specific) you will see the run level set to 3, which is command line.
Change it to 5.  Save and reboot.

That's it!

(who also likes KDE/kwm)

Storm wrote:

> Actually, ... I know I can :)
> Ok,.. here's the question,.....
> When I installed Linux (Mandrake 7) I told it to automatically start the KDE
> ( or whatever, since it lets me choose from several GUIs).  I was thinking
> maybe I would start from a command line ( so that I don't let myself get so
> complacent and reliant on the KDE.) The question is,... where do I change
> this,... ?? (I'm fairly sure I can figure out the second step, that being
> when I'm tired of the commandline stuff, how to get back into the KDE :) )

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