[techtalk] Missing "taskbar" in KDE??

indrani at mindspring.com indrani at mindspring.com
Fri Feb 25 18:28:21 EST 2000

Nancy Corbett wrote:
> Storm,
> >From your home directory, do an ls -la and it will show you all of the
> files in that directory, including the one running Xwindows.
> For example, look for the .fvwmrc file.  Open it in a text editor and do a
> search for the word task.  You'll see that there is a choice there to
> activate either icons or the task bar or both.  Comment out the icon line
> and uncomment the task bar line and then restart your computer.
> Let me know if that works.

this is wrong. 

.fvwmrc is the file that configures _fvwm_ -- it's
a windowmanager config file; kde startup stuff is configured in other
places, and besides -- what it uses is called 'kpanel', not taskbar.

try changing your .xinitrc (the file that _really_ configures X-windows
startup) to read something like:


kfm &
kpanel &
exec kwm

this assumes, of course, that the only thing you want to run is
kde and you don't have a nifty .xinitrc that's configured to
take $WINDOWMANAGER options from xdm... if that's the case, trying
sticking a 'kpanel.kdelnk' in your ~/Desktop/Autostart directory
(just edit another .kdelnk entry to point to kpanel instead).

or, alternatively, ask rick...

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