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Simona Nass sn at abraham.cs.berkeley.edu
Thu Feb 17 00:27:56 EST 2000

Cynthia Dale <silly at redhat.com> posted to techtalk/linuxchix:
>I plan to build a "mother-in-law" house behind mine so that she'll have
>her own space.  (:

Technically, doesn't a "mother-in-law" refer to something that's part
of your own house but just with a separate entrance, usually (always?)
above? If it's a smaller house behind yours that's separate, I think
that's that's a "cottage." And I think an "au pair" unit is like a
mother-in-law but lacking some of the facilities (separate entrance, but
missing its own kitchen or bathroom or something). I'm pretty sure those
are the terms, but someone correct me if I've gotten any of this wrong.

I also want to have my mom to come and live with me; so does my sister
so we'll either have to duke it out or else I'll have to convince my
sister to move to where I am and that'll simplify everything. I really
like the idea of making extra food and saving them cooking one night, or
vice versa.

BTW, for those who pay extra to have groceries delivered, there are also
chefs offering healthy pre-cooked meals that just need to be heated,
or even those that are delivered hot or some that are actually cooked
in your home. It's becoming quite a nice service for recent parents,
especially single highly-paid working parents in Silicon Valley. They're
done either as a subscription service (specify how many times per week)
or per meal. It's a nice gift if you know any single parents out there,
or even harried two-parent homes or where they don't enjoy the cooking
process itself. (No, I have no affiliation or interest in this other
than thinking it's a neat service.)


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