[techtalk] KDE & Big Brother

monashee monashee at junction.net
Thu Feb 17 02:35:44 EST 2000

One of the things which annoyed me most about DOS-Windows
was the asking whether you really do want to delete a file.
Of course I wanted to delete it or I wouldn't have pressed
the stupid button. Did I ever delete a file by mistake? Yes
of course but I am sure I never stopped on the second window
and changed my mind. 

After I ripped out the aliases which Red Hat put in Bash, I
was supremely happy about a system which let me make up my
mind and suffer the consequences. Then when I started
exploring the world of KDE and Gnome, I find the same old
assumption that I am a reckless cretin.

Is there any way to disable that annoying reminder?

John Montgomery

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