[techtalk] mail format (was re: ftp for non users)

Chris J/#6 chris at infinitum.prestel.co.uk
Mon Nov 29 20:57:46 EST 1999

> This is hardly technical...but...it borders on rule-boundedness to me.
> But still not that close to be unbearable. So either I mistimed
> majordomo or it didn't go thru. So I am still here. And I will probably
> always be leftie anti-authoritarian me. Same as you will be you. I spent
> too much time in the underground publishing universe for everything to
> be pretty and perfect.. And yeah I pop off...So I want it rest and hope
> it all calms down.
> Thanks and have Fun,
> Sends Steve

Hmm...I'm pretty anti-authoritarian, but you always know who the boss is - 
would you go against what your boss said (be it an underground mag or 
otherwise? There are limits to everything that is done, no matter what it 
is...know the limits.

> P.S. Obligatory technical comment... Shell accounts should be the
> default perhaps with lots of  -i
> protection. and  I want to run traceroute and ping when I need to do so.
> I worry that things are getting too snarlsome  and un-needed
> restrictions are being applied. It could be just me.

ping and traceroute I have seen disabled due to security holes (buffer 
overruns causing root access to those that know how). If a security hole is 
known. Quick fix: remove the SUID bit - long term fix...get a version that 
isn't broken. When I was at Uni, the admin's disabled the suid bit on "ps" 
due to a buffer overrun hole...meant ps -ef did naff all but show your own 

Shell accounts are huge security holes: I've worked in both camps: as an 
administrator, you don't want you're users causing you hassle, so you limit 
what they do. As a user, you try and circumvent all root's restrictions. It's 
fun having running battles with admins... :) Computer Services at Uni ended 
up leaving me alone after deciding I was mostly harmless ... :)

ps, apologies if I've covered anything already said...I've only just got 
round to carrying myself from grrltalk over to both issues & techtalk :)

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