[techtalk] mail format (was re: ftp for non users)

Steve Kudlak chromexa at ovis.net
Mon Nov 29 09:54:59 EST 1999

Cathy James wrote:

> >I find it painful to go from two easily to follow rules: "Be
> >nice, and be polite...to a whole bunch of things, about 50% of
> >which sounds silly called nettiquette. This is going too far
> >in my opinion. Since this is a diverse group I try to keep things
> >to text only. All I have to do is look at the time zones
> >scattered everywhere and I can guess.
>         Absolutely right on, Steve.  To me, netiquette is
> mostly about being polite.  I don't believe I've ever flamed
> anyone.
>         Re: HTML mail: I think most people have the same
> problem they I did.  They would happily turn it off if
> someone would just TELL THEM HOW.  I hate HTML'ed email.
> Unfortunately, these unspeakable Microsoft products think
> they are smarter than their users, and they are *sure* that
> at the other end of the email connection is the same
> Microsoft application, which happily speaks the proprietary
> protocol.
>         Complaining about the problem isn't the solution;
> education is.  And "education" is more than just telling
> people *why* HTML'ed email is bad; it means teaching people
> *how* to turn it off.  I think it would be useful for
> someone to compile a FAQ on this topic.
> >It is hard for me to live in a highly rule bound environment.
> >BOOKS. So I go back and forth about bowing out totally and
> >hanging around.It is just something I can not do. "Be kind, polite
> >and caring is good, and sometimes we all pop off. (American
> >Slang: Speak without thinking it all through clearly.) To be called
> >CONSTANTLY on it is unkind and hurtful. It borders on meanness.
>         I agree here, too.  It's one thing to ask everyone
> to be polite, and quite another to quote a book of rules.
> If LinuxChix ever becomes highly rule-based, I'm outta here.
>         --Cathy James
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This is hardly technical...but...it borders on rule-boundedness to me.
But still not that close to be unbearable. So either I mistimed
majordomo or it didn't go thru. So I am still here. And I will probably
always be leftie anti-authoritarian me. Same as you will be you. I spent
too much time in the underground publishing universe for everything to
be pretty and perfect.. And yeah I pop off...So I want it rest and hope
it all calms down.

Thanks and have Fun,
Sends Steve

P.S. Obligatory technical comment... Shell accounts should be the
default perhaps with lots of  -i
protection. and  I want to run traceroute and ping when I need to do so.
I worry that things are getting too snarlsome  and un-needed
restrictions are being applied. It could be just me.

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