[techtalk] mail format (was re: ftp for non users)

Lindsay Walker lindsay.walker at portfolio.co.uk
Mon Nov 29 14:37:12 EST 1999

> Re: HTML mail: I think most people have the same
> problem they I did.  They would happily turn it off if
> someone would just TELL THEM HOW.

If you are using Outlook Express, here's how to turn off HTML:

>From the Tools menu, choose Options. Click on the tab that says 'Send'. You
will see two sections on the bottom of the tab that say 'Mail sending
format' and 'News sending format'. These both have radio buttons to allow
you to choose HTML or Plain Text. Just click the 'Plain Text' radio button
and click Apply and that's you sorted.

In most of the mail packages, if you have a hunt around the options (usually
Tools: Options or Edit: Preferences or something along those lines) you will
find how to switch HTML off.


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