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Evan Read eread at netaccess.co.nz
Thu Nov 25 20:10:10 EST 1999

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I personally run Linux on a Rev B iMac.

My distro is YellowDogLinux - www.yellowdoglinux.com

They are different enough (LinuxPPC and YDL) to choose one over the other
(tho based on same RedHat based codebase - for now).

It runs excellently.  I just upgraded to 2.2.13 this morning, so we get MOST
of the gravy x86 users do ;)

PPC is a growth platform so we linux on ppc users have plenty of brothers
and sisters... 

see www.imaclinux.net for a great site.

Hope this helps


if (OS==Linux && segfault) {edit_source()} continue;
if (OS==Windows && illegal_operation) {
return Linux;

>> 3. Has anyone ever done linux of any kind on a mac?
> There are several different flavors of Linux
> on the Mac.  There is a Mach microkernel version
> called MkLinux that had official support from
> Apple at one time, but at this time I believe
> only the open source community is maintaining it.
> LinuxPPC is a direct port of the Linux
> source tree, and I *think* it's in the core tree
> maintained by Linus, thus new patches are
> applied directly to it.  I would suggest
> you try LinuxPPC.
> On some Macs, such as iMacs, LinuxPPC
> is your only choice.
> --Cathy James
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