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Michelle astraea at vivid.net
Wed Nov 24 10:35:53 EST 1999

Check out

I know next to nothing about macs, so I haven't tried this out... but the
site looks interesting.  (Sorry if it's already been mentioned, I haven't
kept up with the list in a few days)

astraea at vivid.net

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Subject: [techtalk] Mac Linux

>>3. Has anyone ever done linux of any kind on a mac?
> There are several different flavors of Linux
>on the Mac.  There is a Mach microkernel version
>called MkLinux that had official support from
>Apple at one time, but at this time I believe
>only the open source community is maintaining it.
> LinuxPPC is a direct port of the Linux
>source tree, and I *think* it's in the core tree
>maintained by Linus, thus new patches are
>applied directly to it.  I would suggest
>you try LinuxPPC.
> On some Macs, such as iMacs, LinuxPPC
>is your only choice.
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