[techtalk] Mail Question

Kathleen Weaver kathleen at augustmail.com
Wed Nov 24 23:20:58 EST 1999

>Outlook might be different... might allow more than one account on the
>same server. I don't like outlook, though, and only use it to help
>people out when they ask questions specific to it ;o)

Besides sucking majorly, while Outlook and it's cousin Outlook Express allow multiple sending accounts, doing so is awkward, and I often have ended up sending from the wrong account.

On the other hand, the mailer I'm using now, Calypso, not only allows multiple mailboxes, but multiple accounts in mailboxes.  I sure wish they would write a Linux version -- the good news, is that one of MCS products is available in a Linux version.

I want to store all incoming mail on my Linux box until I can get to it, so I can look at it from there, rather than the respective servers.  It's probably a dumb thing to do but it sounds good.   

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