[techtalk] Mail Question

Nicole Zimmerman colby at wsu.edu
Wed Nov 24 17:16:00 EST 1999

franzoni at edisons.it wrote:
> On Wed, 24 Nov 1999, Nicole Zimmerman wrote:
> > But your "from" is always the same, unless you change it in netscape
> > universally.
> >
> > Also, netscape's IMAP will only let you have one account for a mail
> > server. Last week, I set up netscape IMAP mail to read from the
> > "problem" account on mail.wsu.edu. I wanted to read my mail at the same
> > time via IMAP (on the same server), but it wouldn't accept that, said I
> > could only have the mail server in there once ("This server is already
> > added to the list"). This is a bug in the linux client, it crashes
> > Netscape.
> oh-oh. Thought it was more intelligent :-)

Me too, I was quite surprised when netscape wouldn't let me have more
than one IMAP account from the same server. For some reason, it won't
even consider allowing you more than one POP server, or more than one
server at all unless they're all IMAP. 

The Roles thing would be a great improvement for communicator, since you
*can* have more than one IMAP account from different servers (and
hopefully in the future even more than that).

Outlook might be different... might allow more than one account on the
same server. I don't like outlook, though, and only use it to help
people out when they ask questions specific to it ;o)


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