[techtalk] Mail Question

sara korhonen ceres at intter.net
Thu Nov 25 20:19:06 EST 1999

> Me too, I was quite surprised when netscape wouldn't let me have more
> than one IMAP account from the same server. For some reason, it won't
> even consider allowing you more than one POP server, or more than one
> server at all unless they're all IMAP. 
actually it CAN, but you have to name your mail server somehow 
different. most of mail servers have more than one ip reversed and so 
can be put twice to netscape.

and what comes to fetching mail, there is also a program called 
fetchpop, which seems to be working fine with me. but you have think 
how you are going to manage with the different boxed. fetchpop reads 
its information from a file called .fetchrc (or something similar), 
but you can create more same kind on files, by renaming the .fetchrc 
and then creating another (it creates it automatically, asks the 
needed questions). then you can specify which file you want fetchpop 
to read when it fetches the mail.


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