[techtalk] Mail Question

franzoni at edisons.it franzoni at edisons.it
Thu Nov 25 01:15:04 EST 1999

On Wed, 24 Nov 1999, Nicole Zimmerman wrote:

> But your "from" is always the same, unless you change it in netscape
> universally.
> Also, netscape's IMAP will only let you have one account for a mail
> server. Last week, I set up netscape IMAP mail to read from the
> "problem" account on mail.wsu.edu. I wanted to read my mail at the same
> time via IMAP (on the same server), but it wouldn't accept that, said I
> could only have the mail server in there once ("This server is already
> added to the list"). This is a bug in the linux client, it crashes
> Netscape. 

oh-oh. Thought it was more intelligent :-)


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