[techtalk] swaping & upgrading

Naomi Hospodarsky naomi-hospodarsky at uiowa.edu
Tue Nov 23 19:24:30 EST 1999

One thing that comes to mind is: What other processes do you have running
that could be sucking up resources? You can open a terminal window,type: top
and it'll show you a continually refreshing list of the running processes,
how much memory they are utilizing and how much CPU time they are using.
Check it out, perhaps your machine is loading processes you don't even use,
or processes that didn't die when you closed an application, etc.


Elizabeth wrote:

> {snippage}
>    b.when using (and when I installed) StarOffice it takes (took) a _very_
> long time to load the program (as in minutes), once i'm using it its okay.
> But I have 64 mb ram (and I think 128 swap), and from what I've read,
> people are doing it with much less and more successfully.  Any idea why?
> I'm using afterstep for my WM.  [Netscape does better, and only takes
> seconds to load up]

Ditto.  I don't have the exact same set up but similar, and I have noticed
same problem with StarOffice.  Also, I agree that it seems like others on
list can make lesser machines perform better than mine.  I wonder where I'm
going wrong...

Any thoughts?


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