[techtalk] swaping & upgrading

Meredith Tupper meredith at pintsize.com
Tue Nov 23 19:46:15 EST 1999

Elizabeth wrote:

> {snippage}
>    b.when using (and when I installed) StarOffice it takes (took) a _very_
> long time to load the program (as in minutes), once i'm using it its okay.
> But I have 64 mb ram (and I think 128 swap), and from what I've read,
> people are doing it with much less and more successfully.  Any idea why?
> I'm using afterstep for my WM.  [Netscape does better, and only takes
> seconds to load up]

Ditto.  I don't have the exact same set up but similar, and I have noticed the
same problem with StarOffice.  Also, I agree that it seems like others on this
list can make lesser machines perform better than mine.  I wonder where I'm
going wrong...

Any thoughts?


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