[techtalk] really weird file transfer problem

Lighthouse Keeper in the Desert Sun ccovingt at one-eyed-alien.net
Fri Nov 19 18:38:30 EST 1999

I think this may have bounced the first time I sent it.

On Nov 19, Lighthouse Keeper in the Desert Sun conjectured:

> Okay.  So I got ppp working, and IP masquerading and ipchains all set up.
> So, I wanted to g*et a file from a remote computer where I have stuff
> stored.  I ftp'ed (don't mention security, okay...) and got the file I
> wanted.  The first time, it stalled after 600k.  The second time, it
> stalled after 100k.  (It was an 800k .gz)  I finally got it the third try.
> I'm also running SETI at home.  WHen I try to g*et a new block of data, it
> stalls after various intervals.  Data blocks are about 341k.  It has
> stalled after receiving the header.  It has stalled after anywhere from 10
> to 300 K.  Hanging up and dialing in anew doesn't help.  And waiting a
> little while doesn't much either.  This is a really annoying problem.
> Anyone know of a way to fix it?  The only thing I can occasionally rely on
> to keep the data from stalling is to use other connections during
> transfer.  ANd sometimes even that doesn't help.
> Thanks
> Conni
> hoping not everyone has disappeared for the weekend.

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