[techtalk] really weird file transfer problem

Lighthouse Keeper in the Desert Sun ccovingt at one-eyed-alien.net
Fri Nov 19 17:04:57 EST 1999

Okay.  So I got ppp working, and IP masquerading and ipchains all set up.
So, I wanted to get a file from a remote computer where I have stuff
stored.  I ftp'ed (don't mention security, okay...) and got the file I
wanted.  The first time, it stalled after 600k.  The second time, it
stalled after 100k.  (It was an 800k .gz)  I finally got it the third try.
I'm also running SETI at home.  WHen I try to get a new block of data, it
stalls after various intervals.  Data blocks are about 341k.  It has
stalled after receiving the header.  It has stalled after anywhere from 10
to 300 K.  Hanging up and dialing in anew doesn't help.  And waiting a
little while doesn't much either.  This is a really annoying problem.
Anyone know of a way to fix it?  The only thing I can occasionally rely on
to keep the data from stalling is to use other connections during
transfer.  ANd sometimes even that doesn't help.

hoping not everyone has disappeared for the weekend.

I'm having some difficulty with the idea that an AI needs nookie.
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