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Amanda Owens amowens at radonc.duke.edu
Mon Nov 15 08:55:02 EST 1999

Actually, it should use the first resolution in the list, not necessarily 
the smallest one. Unfortunately, Xconfigurator doesn't let you chose what 
order they're written in the config file in. If you use xf86config, you 
can choose the order in which they're listed - i.e. a larger one first, 
but smaller resolutions later in the cntrl-alt-+/- cycle if you chose.

The *reason* that you only get a portion of the screen at lower 
resolutions is because the screen is sized for the highest resolution in 
the list. Therefore, you will always have the same amount of desktop 
real-estate - but at smaller resolutions, the picture is 'zoomed in', so 
you get a 'closer' look at a smaller part of the screen. Or at least 
that's my very non-technical explanation. :)


On Sat, 13 Nov 1999, Amos Hayes wrote:

> On Fri, 12 Nov 1999, K. Ziel wrote:
> > So...is there an easier way than running through that entire config again? 
> > also..i've run xsetres on solaris before, but didn't seem to be able to find
> > anything similar on my system (redhat)
> Run "Xconfigurator" as root on redhat based systems. Note: If you choose
> more than one resolution, it will start in the smallest and set the
> "virtual" desktop size to the largest. "CTRL ALT +" will cycle through the
> resolutions you've chosen once you start X.
> I find it easiest to only chose one resolution/bitdepth combo. Then I
> don't have to fiddle everytime I start X.
> BTW... That's the second time I've replied to a post and asked a question
> that was answered in the original post. I must be slipping. Sorry about
> that.
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