[techtalk] resolution

K. Ziel zoop at scc.net
Fri Nov 12 18:20:31 EST 1999

Hi all--

This is a most basic question..but there are so many basic things I am not sure
how to do....that I'd better start asking!!

I ran xf86config because i wanted to get a higher screen res..i'm currently at
1024x768, and want more real estate.  

Anyway...let me just say that it is a good thing that I saved the original file
before over-writing, because what i ended up with was the upper left 1/4 of my
xlogin screen now taking up the entire monitor...

So...is there an easier way than running through that entire config again? 
also..i've run xsetres on solaris before, but didn't seem to be able to find
anything similar on my system (redhat)

Apologies for the basic question...thanks all for your time :)

kristin--thank God for backups!!

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