[techtalk] resolution

Jeff Dike jdike at karaya.com
Sat Nov 13 00:22:39 EST 1999

> So...is there an easier way than running through that entire config
> again?  

What I've done in my many X installation nightmares (I seem to have a cursed 
combination of video board and monitor) is this loop:

1. Start off in runlevel 3 (via telinit 3 or boot with id:3:initdefault in 
2. startx
3. see X not come up correctly or not at all
4. Alt-F1 to get back to console and look at all the pretty error messages
5. Tweak /etc/X11/XF86Config to get rid of said errors
6. Back to step 2, lather, rinse, repeat

This lets you try out a fair number of things pretty quickly.


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