[techtalk] Gnome/KDE, was: netscape woes

Nils Philippsen nils at wombat.dialup.fht-esslingen.de
Thu Nov 11 18:01:12 EST 1999

On Wed, 10 Nov 1999, Caitlyn Martin wrote:

> Hi,
> > > I had major problems with the Gnome/Enlightenment/Netscape combos.
> > > Switching to KDE fixed 90% of them.
> >
> > I think that's a bit drastic for a browser problem, really.
> It wasn't just a browser problem.  Gnome had this lovely tendency to core
> dump, crash, lockup, etc...  I updated it twice before I gave up on it.  I
> really think KDE  is more stable and more mature.

This has changed since then -- admittedly, the first Gnome 1.0.x versions
weren't worth the 1.0 (it should've been 0.99.x). But Gnome 1.0.x (x>=50,
aka October Gnome) has been improved drastically. So now it's just a
matter of taste.

I use Gnome all the time (when I don't use text console :-) and it has
given me very few reasons to complain since 1.0.4x.

> Netscape has it's bugs, but it is open, usually in multiple iterations (just
> like on your machine, Deb) almost all the time, and it isn't all that awful.
> Yes, it needs to be closed now and again.

Netscape -- when not crashing -- tends to be a real hog here with me, both
performance and memory wise. Sad.

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