[techtalk] Parallel port mode

Tonya Winter tonyawinter at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 9 16:54:47 EST 1999

OK, so it turns out (found my mother board manual!) that you change the 
parallel port mode in the bios by going to:



Parallel Port Mode (on the right, fourth down)

EPP allows didirectional parallel port operation at maximum speed; ECP 
allows the parallel port to operate in bidirectional mode and at a speeed 
faster than the maximum data transfer rate; ECP+EPP allows normal speed 
operation in a two-way mode.

Hope this helps you.


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 >I can't find where to change the parallel port mode in the
 >BIOS it is now ECP and needs to be anything but ECP.

	Let me add to that my own plea; could someone
explain what all these parallel port modes mean?  SPP
and ECP and...

	--Cathy James (keeping her fingers crossed that there's
	               no @$%#$ Outlook formatting in this message)

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