[techtalk] netscape woes

Kristin Ziel zoop at scc.net
Wed Nov 10 10:43:29 EST 1999

just to add my little bit of netscape experience to this thread...

i'm having problems at home as well...i'm still running netscape 4.5 and
who knows what else..<i need to update!> and lately it seems as tho i'm
lucky to keep a copy of netscape from freezing within 15 minutes.

i have also noticed that after closing it, it sucks up some serious CPU
usage, and just killing the application doesn't necessarily kill the
process <does that make sense? i've got to explicitly kill the pid, or
it'd be hanging around until reboot>

i'm currently using the gnome/kde setup, but hopefully this weekend i'll
have a chance to try out some different window managers...<still need to
figure out how to do all this!>


> It wasn't just a browser problem.  Gnome had this lovely tendency to core
> dump, crash, lockup, etc...  I updated it twice before I gave up on it.  I
> really think KDE  is more stable and more mature.
> Netscape has it's bugs, but it is open, usually in multiple iterations (just
> like on your machine, Deb) almost all the time, and it isn't all that awful.
> Yes, it needs to be closed now and again.
> Regards,
> Caity
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