[techtalk] netscape woes

Cathy James cjames at opensite.com
Wed Nov 10 13:12:55 EST 1999

>A few days ago I upgraded to Netscape 4.7. It seem to work fine
>but the upgrade have made netscape complain about the java
>plugin. It cannot find it ? (it is in the path listed).

>I will look into it and get the Java part running. Maybe, at
>that time, Netscape will freeze again....

>I need the Java - at least for my Oracle online books :)
>(I need Java in the morning too - but that is for my internal CPU :)

	Issues with 4.7 and Java were discussed elsewhere (LinuxToday?)
a while back.  The solution to Java was to add a missing font
path to the end of the font path list -- specifically, there's
another 75dpi path to add.

	--Cathy James

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