[techtalk] netscape woes

Telsa Gwynne hobbit at aloss.ukuu.org.uk
Wed Nov 10 19:38:57 EST 1999

On Wed, Nov 10, 1999 at 09:30:03AM -0800 or thereabouts, Shahla Bright wrote:
> What if I decide not to use a desktop 
> environment at all? I was pretty happy with 
> plain old fvwm in a former life, but I don't
> know how to get back there.
> Thanks all,
> sha

It depends how and where you start up Gnome or KDE now.
Likely suspects are these files in your home directory:


Somewhere in the (copious, sigh) man pages for X you will
find which of these files get read in which circumstances
and in what order. I have never understood it, myself.

If you have something like 'startkde' (never come across that,
but still) or 'gnome-session' as the contents of your .Xclients,
then just remove or comment that out and put 'fvmw2 &' in
instead. Then startx and hope :)

Hmm, not sure about that ampersand; I have that in my old
one, but I think that's because I then had another command
after it. 

Those are for if you start X with 'startx' at the prompt.
I think it may be a different file if you have things set to 
boot straight into X. I've never tried that so I don't know.

Telsa, with her fingers firmly crossed :)

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