[techtalk] Finally!

Mike and Mary Anne Cox mnmcox at sprynet.com
Wed Nov 10 14:31:05 EST 1999

How long have I been on this mailing list now?  I am doing a happy dance 
because yesterday I finally was able to get OSS to find, see, recognize and 
install my sound card and it WORKS!!!  Of course, I put another sound card 
in.  I just couldn't the on board sound card to be recognized no matter 
what I did.

Sine I added another sound card via ISA, I had to unfortunately remove my 
NON-win modem because I only have one ISA slot.

If I ever get any modem to work, I will truly be the happiest geek on the 
planet! LOL

Thanks for letting me share my small victory :)

Mary Anne Cox

"...to start, press any key.  Hmmmm....now, exactly where IS the 'any' key?"

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