[techtalk] netscape woes

Caitlyn Martin caitlyn at netferrets.net
Wed Nov 10 10:33:55 EST 1999


> > I had major problems with the Gnome/Enlightenment/Netscape combos.
> > Switching to KDE fixed 90% of them.
> I think that's a bit drastic for a browser problem, really.

It wasn't just a browser problem.  Gnome had this lovely tendency to core
dump, crash, lockup, etc...  I updated it twice before I gave up on it.  I
really think KDE  is more stable and more mature.

Netscape has it's bugs, but it is open, usually in multiple iterations (just
like on your machine, Deb) almost all the time, and it isn't all that awful.
Yes, it needs to be closed now and again.


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