[techtalk] netscape woes

Deb Richardson deb at thepuffingroup.com
Tue Nov 9 22:30:47 EST 1999

> I had major problems with the Gnome/Enlightenment/Netscape combos.
> Switching to KDE fixed 90% of them.

I think that's a bit drastic for a browser problem, really.

I've got RH6.0, using GNOME and Enlightenment, on a PII-333 w/128Mb RAM
(my laptop).  I run NS Communicator 4.51 not only for web browsing but
also as my mail/news client.  I start NS first thing in the morning,
immediately open the mail client (assuming I haven't just left it on all
night), and opening at least 2 browser windows.  I often have as many as
6-8 browser windows open, depending on what I'm doing.  NS is on all
day, every day.  Seriously.  The only time I don't have NS open is when
my laptop is actually shutdown or suspended, which is about 30-40 mins
during weekdays when I'm on the bus going to/coming from work.  

Yes, sometimes NS turns into a big blobby piece of memory/cpu-sucking
dung.  When that happens I ususually just close all the NS windows and
restart it.  If it's so bad that it's not responding, I pull up an
xterm, do a ps -ef, and kill the process.  It goes away, I get my
machine back, and I restart NS, no problem at all.

If, for some reason, things get -really- bad, I'll restart x, but that's
only in extreme and -very- rare situations when things get sluggish for
a long time and nothing else seems to be working.  I have _never_ been
forced to reboot because of NS, and I've only ever experienced one
situation where I've had to telnet in from a remote machine to kill the

Someone else recommended perhaps downgrading your version of NS.  As I
said, I run 4.51 with few problems at all.  

On the other hand, I'm looking forward to a stable Mozilla as much as
(if not more than) anyone else :)

- deb

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