[techtalk] netscape woes

Cathy James cjames at opensite.com
Tue Nov 9 16:58:37 EST 1999

]I'm using Navigator 4.7 with
]strong encryption. I've disabled Java. most of the
]sites I use are fairly barebones, and I don't load
]images until I need them, but it's still a constant

	Netscape is simply not as mature a product
as IE, unfortunately.  There has been considerable
discussion on LinuxToday about the lack of a
mature browser for Linux.  Some people have switched
back to an older Netscape, reporting that earlier
versions of 4.x are more stable.

	You might also consider Konqueror if
you're willing to go the KDE route; I'm not
sure if it will run on Gnome.

	In any case, your problem is due to
Netscape, not Gnome or Enlightenment.

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