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TheCoder coderman at bellsouth.net
Tue Nov 9 13:43:11 EST 1999

I have had great success with a Memorex CDRW (cant remember the model
number, but its an ATAPI IDE 4x write / 2x rewrite / 8x read) .   The only
issue I had when configuring the drive for writing was loading it as a
SCSI emulated CD drive.  Currently the software for burning CD's only
supports a SCSI interface (although this should change soon).  Check out
the CD writing howto for specifics on configuring your kernel and lilo to
use the scsi emulation.  The howto also has some helpful hints on loopback
block devices which come in handy (this lets you mount an ISO image stored
as a file on the FS as a drive, thus letting you check the contents of the
image before a burn to verify it if needed)

As far as software goes, I use cdrecord / mkhybrid / mkisofs / BladeENC /
cdparanoia for the burning and ripping needs with gcombust and grip as GUI
front ends to the above applications.

I can burn at 4x all day long with no errors while transferring archives
over ethernet (max out the 100Mbit interface) ripping to hard drive on the
other CD drive, and doing any type of X work / compiling / etc.   Try that
in windoze.. ;)
(In windoze the same drive could only burn at 2x.  at 4x the burn would
crap out somewhere in the middle of the process due to buffer underruns)

Linux !

JLG wrote:

> hey folks,
> I hate to ask such a general question, but I am looking to by an IDE CD
> writer/rewriter and all the ones mentioned on the Hardware Compatiblity
> HOWTO are kind of outdated, and hard to find for sale. I am leaning
> towards a Ricoh, Phillips or
> maybe an HP ,hoping to spend downwards of $250, and it will be used
> mostly for mp3s/backup.
> I looked at the product specifications for a few models and I have been
> unable to determine if they'll be a problem under Linux
> If anyone could please let me know what make/model they have used
> successfully off list, or any brands to steer clear of I sure would
> appreciate it.
> thanks!
> -Jen G.
> batgirl at sdf.lonestar.org
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