[techtalk] netscape woes

Shahla Bright almeebright at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 9 14:11:21 EST 1999

Thanks, Caity -- I had a hunch that they weren't
getting along, since my.xsession-errors file was full
of things that looked like

X Error of failed request:  BadDrawable (invalid
or Window parameter)

So...(taking a deep breath, revealing ignorance) how
I get Gnome out of the picture?

As an aside, I didn't intend to use it at first. Out
curiosity I just included both Gnome and KDE packages
during my last RH install about a month ago. I thought
it would be nice to try them out some time when I
felt like it. I didn't realize Gnome would come up
by default. And now there are so many unfamiliar
directories and config files floating around that
I'm not sure where to begin. Otherwise I'd have
tried it as soon as I started having trouble! I've
looked at HOWTOS and other docs, and nothing is basic
or clear or simple-minded enough to tell me how this
actually works.

Thanks again,

--- Caitlyn Martin <caitlyn at netferrets.net> wrote:
> Hi, Sha,
> I had major problems with the
> Gnome/Enlightenment/Netscape combos.
> Switching to KDE fixed 90% of them.
> -Caity
> > I'm using Rh 6.0 with Gnome/Enlightenment on an
> i686
> > with 130 megs of RAM. I need multiple browser
> windows
> > open most of the day, and I'm using Navigator 4.7
> with
> > strong encryption. I've disabled Java. most of the
> > sites I use are fairly barebones, and I don't load
> > images until I need them, but it's still a
> constant
> > hair-puller. Periodically I'll hear the rumble of
> > frantic disk access, the entire GUI will switch to
> > geological time, and I'll have to switch machines,
> > telnet in, kill all my netscape processes
> remotely,
> > and start over. It's getting ridiculous.
> >
> > Can anyone suggest advice or diagnostic tricks?
> Should
> > I ditch Gnome/Enlightenment? Go back to an older
> > Netscape?
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