[techtalk] SoundBlaster Card Under Caldera 2.2

MGreen mgreen at visionol.net
Mon Nov 8 12:01:50 EST 1999

> Cathy James wrote:
> <snippage>
> I'm not sure if the sound card (SoundBlaster 16 ISA PnP) is working
> in Linux either.

One way to test if your sound card is working or not is to go to the
sound option in your control panel under x-windows (when you've got x
working the way you want) and try to test sound by choosing to
play one of the .wav files.  

You can also try $ cat /dir/somewave.wav > dev/audio 
to see if linux  recognizes your sound card. Note: /dir/somewave.wav is
the file spec of some wave file!  But this may not mean that the sb is
completely configured properly - it only verifies the operation of a 
sound card.

The knowledge base for Caldera 2.2 article : "How do I configure sound
with COL 2.2? (REF#990430-0004)" states that you should use COAS to
configure sound properly for the sound blaster.  Here's the whole text:

"Use COAS to load the sound card module. Select the COAS icon on the
tool bar, choose kernel, enter the root password. Then choose from the
list of modules to load the appropreate module for your card. For most
SoundBlaster and compatible cards the correct module is "sb" After
selecting the module click on "Load" you are then given a module
parameter menu. The default settings are pre-selected. Make any changes
to match your sound card. Then click on "OK" to load the module. By
defalut COAS will configuare your system to load newly selected modules
on startup.

We have identified a minor problem with COAS in checking depenancies. On
some systems the first attempt to load the sb module will fail
becuase one or more of the required modules are already loaded. We are
working on a fix for COAS. In the mean time to work around the issue
select the sb module and load it a second time. "

Make sure that you examine and select all the appropriate fields when
using COAS for this purpose.  I found I didn't and it took me some time
to get sound going.  'Course you may wish to hold off on this 'till you
get your x-windows working the way you want.  Let us know how it works

The Caldera knowledge base can be found at:


and may have some information about your video card and x-windows too.

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