[techtalk] multibooting vs. VMWare?

srl slandrum at turing.csc.smith.edu
Mon Nov 8 10:47:47 EST 1999

So I'm getting a new computer. :) *bounce*

it's a P3/450, 128mb RAM, 22GB EIDE drive, Tyan dual-processor
motherboard. (Much better than my current 486/66/16MB RAM/500MB HD.) 
It won't have 2 processors now, but it might in the future when i pay down
the credit card. 

So....I'd like to be able to use Win95 or 98 to play games occasionally,
but I also want to use NT occasionally (for work-related stuff), and of
course linux. I have the redhat 6.0 CDs, given by my boss before 6.1 came
out. I don't yet have 95/98 or NT, because the money's an issue.

1> Anyone want to comment on the relative (de)merits of Win95 vs 98 for a
multiboot setup? I haven't used 98, but i hear it's unpleasant for
multiboots, and I hear you have to install it first.

2> I've looked through the HOWTOs, and multibooting with 95/98, NT, and
Linux seems like a PITA. Can anyone point me to info I haven't seen about
how to do this?

3> a 3-way multiboot seems like an invitation to the ghods of chaos. I'm
thinking about just installing Linux and using VMWare to run Win95/98
and/or NT once I, um, acquire a CD for either of those. However, I have no
experience with VMWare and whether it lives up to the marketing hype. 
Anyone want to comment?


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