[techtalk] multibooting vs. VMWare?

Caitlyn Martin caitlyn at netferrets.net
Mon Nov 8 11:33:16 EST 1999

Hi, Julia,
> I'm multi-booting with Win98 on one drive, RedHat 6.0 on the other.
> Not wanting to play around with LILO (still a newbie), I loaded 98 on
> the drive first, then Linux on the other, and boot into Linux from a
> floppy. I've got backup floppies should something happen to my
> original.
> Works just fine

Actually, setting up LILO for dual boot is easy.  If you want, I'm sure many
of us can walk you through editing your lilo.conf file.  It's also nice to
add a mount point for your Windows partition.  Then, if you add an entry to
your /etc/fstab file, you have access to your Windows partition from Linux
at boot, which makes it very easy to share data back and forth.

Don't be afraid to try these things.  They are pretty darned easy to do, and
make living in a dual boot world a whole lot nicer.


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