[techtalk] multibooting vs. VMWare?

Caitlyn Martin caitlyn at netferrets.net
Mon Nov 8 11:39:10 EST 1999


> Multibooting linux/win95 is actually quite easy these days, as long as you
> install Windows *first*.

As far as this is concerned, '98 and '95 are the same.  Also, some
distributions (Caldera for example), give you a Windows based installer for
Linux and set up your partitions and dual boot for you.

Nt is the bear here.  Basically, you want to do '98 first, then Linux, then
install an NT-friendly boot manager like System Commander, and *then*
install NT.  Since NT wants it's OS loader in the MBR, you really need to
follow the instructions that come with System Commander for NT.

I've had as many as seven OSes on one machine (all of the above, plus DOS,
OS/2 Warp 4.0, OS/2 2.1, and Solaris).  It can be done, and it can be made
to look pretty in the end, but setting it up takes work and knowing what
each OS wants.

FWIW, my home machines now have just one OS:  Linux  :)

Good luck!

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