[techtalk] multibooting vs. VMWare?

Julia Frizzell julia_frizzell at brown.edu
Mon Nov 8 11:06:59 EST 1999

>2> I've looked through the HOWTOs, and multibooting with 95/98, NT, and
>Linux seems like a PITA. Can anyone point me to info I haven't seen about
>how to do this?

I'm multi-booting with Win98 on one drive, RedHat 6.0 on the other. 
Not wanting to play around with LILO (still a newbie), I loaded 98 on 
the drive first, then Linux on the other, and boot into Linux from a 
floppy. I've got backup floppies should something happen to my 

Works just fine.

Cable modem arrives on Thursday. They'll install it onto the Win98 
partition, then I'll write everything down and move it over to the 
Linux drive. Here's hoping! <crossing fingers>

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