[techtalk] multibooting vs. VMWare?

Aaron Malone aaron at mancala.semo.net
Mon Nov 8 09:49:31 EST 1999

Multibooting linux/win95 is actually quite easy these days, as long as you
install Windows *first*.  Once you have Windows up on hda, go ahead and
do the Redhat install, being careful not to delete your windows partition.
Once you get to the "Install Bootloader" step, make sure there's an entry
for windows (I think the RH installer is smart enough to do this
automatically).  congrats, you're done.

As far as vmware is concerned, I use it every day for Outlook and Platypus
(my ISP's billing software).  It works fine for those, but DON'T EVEN
THINK about trying to use it for gaming.  it's quite slow compared to
processor speed, and last I checked, only supported DirectX 3 in a guest
OS, which won't run most recent 95/98 games.


On Mon, Nov 08, 1999 at 09:47:47AM -0500, srl wrote:
> So I'm getting a new computer. :) *bounce*
> it's a P3/450, 128mb RAM, 22GB EIDE drive, Tyan dual-processor
> motherboard. (Much better than my current 486/66/16MB RAM/500MB HD.) 
> It won't have 2 processors now, but it might in the future when i pay down
> the credit card. 
> So....I'd like to be able to use Win95 or 98 to play games occasionally,
> but I also want to use NT occasionally (for work-related stuff), and of
> course linux. I have the redhat 6.0 CDs, given by my boss before 6.1 came
> out. I don't yet have 95/98 or NT, because the money's an issue.
> 1> Anyone want to comment on the relative (de)merits of Win95 vs 98 for a
> multiboot setup? I haven't used 98, but i hear it's unpleasant for
> multiboots, and I hear you have to install it first.
> 2> I've looked through the HOWTOs, and multibooting with 95/98, NT, and
> Linux seems like a PITA. Can anyone point me to info I haven't seen about
> how to do this?
> 3> a 3-way multiboot seems like an invitation to the ghods of chaos. I'm
> thinking about just installing Linux and using VMWare to run Win95/98
> and/or NT once I, um, acquire a CD for either of those. However, I have no
> experience with VMWare and whether it lives up to the marketing hype. 
> Anyone want to comment?
> TIA,
> srl
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