[techtalk] 6.1 install, the undead

Tonya Winter tonyawinter at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 1 14:18:05 EST 1999

One of the reasons I wanted to upgrade is that I can't seem to mount the CD 
ROM. I have tried many different pieces of advice. The most frequently 
suggested being "type mount /dev/hdc/cdrom (or whatever your cdrom is 
usually hdc but maybe hdb or ?)" When I type that command in any form I get 
"can't find /dev/hdc/cdrom in /etc/mtab or /etc/fstab"

I'm going to guess that its because I didn't set something up? I just 
recieved Running Linux and Linux in a Nutshell both O'Reilly books. If you 
happen to know what to look up in there that would be great. Or just giving 
me advice directly is always appreciated! ;)


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Subject: [techtalk] 6.1 install, revisited
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I got the same thing that Tonya did:

I found when I pressed Alt F3:
  > mounting hdc on /tmp/rhimage as type iso9660
  > creating directory /tmp/rhimage rc=0
  > calling mount (/tmp/hdc, /tmp/rhimage, iso9660, -1058209791, (nil))
  > removing decide file /tmp/hdc
  > done here
  > method selection completed
  > state saved to /tmp
  > error in exec of second stage loader :-(
  >          error no such file or directory

and i had trouble with the bootdisk that i got right off of the cd.  What
myself and a friend ended up doing is we booted into 5.2 (the then current
install) and mounted the 6.1 install cd.  then we ran the update from
there.  Worked like a charm.

must be the bootdisk problem, although I tried using the 5.2 bootdisk that
i had and still had the same results as trying with the 6.1 bootdisk....

what a weekend!  and it's still monday..... :-|

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